Friday, February 27, 2009


Since the day I left, I never had the time to post this wonderful video up, and so now that I'm loose I should take this opportunity to post it up as a credit to the creator and also all my beloved FRIENDS. I Love you ALL !!

The Moments of LOVE....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random thoughts

I have arrived in Melbourne 2 weeks since then, I guess. Well, life wasn't so bad after all. Erm, at least I met up with a couple of friends and got to know a few of my bro and mom friends over here. However, the searching of accomodation period was not entertaining at all. Especially when you are caught with some irresponsible agent. Arhhhhgg, let's not talk about that, it makes my face turn red !!! Frusrating ...totally

Erm, what should I talk about. Perhaps, my mood and goal atm ?? Okays, i really hope i'll be a total changed person here, in terms of maturity level, knowledge level, social skills and bla la bla love life perhaps ?? I don't know but basically to be something better then present.

I hope my friends back there are all doing well. I really missed every single one and those lil' moments with them. Just to inform you guys, I'm doing all fine here and I hope the same goes to you.

There is something I would like to point out here, well it's about love and admiration. I really think love shouldn't be push on hard? Sometimes, it's really hard to measure love and put it the way you want it. On the other hand, there are so many different kind of love and why must we only choose that intimate to go with?? I'm not sure why myself, I've been going pretty well with just platonic love. That's all I ever thought, I really hope love/like will not transform to the feelings of hatred. Friends are always welcome and the love remain and retain the way it is.

I hope, things will change and everyone will change to the better ?? agree?


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My heart never will speak Good Bye !!

I'll be leaving very soon, it's so fast I can't even imagine, I'm gonna have a new start !! I'm gonna miss all my beloved friends very much ...they are like a family to me ...I will never wanna say Good Bye but I will only say I'll be back and we will say hello again.I'll be heading to Australia very soon, it's on february the 4th, and I'm leaving all my memories behind ... I know it's not like I am leaving forever but I still have feelings and I miss all the memories I had, both Good and bad because it made me - The one and only me and I am proud maybe not completely but at least more than half??

My life was pretty dull when I was a teen, seriously pretty dull, hated who I was, Din't know who I was ....Perhaps I was diagnosed with "indentity crisis disorder" but come to think about it now, I'm laughing softly how stupid I could be . Things are all fine now

I thank God very much, because he made me met all of you guys, all of you!!, the friends that I knew, because I have always prayed for a best-friend or rather a group of good friends and guess what ?? He answered my prayer and I am delighted ....i'm sorry my dear friends, if i have done anything wrong, annoying or anything that have caused you to feel uneasy about -I'll take this chance to say I'm SORRY .

My journey of what a life really meant only officially started after I was 16 and there were up and downs and I am very happy I am only leaving when it's heading UP ( right NOW).

I wanna say I love you to all of you, well firstly to my form 4 and 5 bff, thanks for making my life normal again, I understand what is it to be a normal teenager, thank you for accepting me, I love you guys!!!

Daniel chen, I don't know where you are right now, but I wanna take this opportunity to thank you, for being my best friend for 2 years, though we been through some very hard times, but I'll always remeber you as my brother man ....hit me back sumtimes if you are reading this ??

And I wanna thank God alot for my current BFF Colleen Oh Mun Miin, we been through everything together since form 5, thank you for being there for me , though I hated you sometimes because you were so annoying and ignorant but deep now in my heart I know I love you and we need each other...Thank you so much ok ?? Thank you so much for being there for me , even though I'm fat and ugly, even I'm not normal, even if i stinks ...LOL thanks

And also along my journey of being a complicated teenager, I met some other awesome group of friends, what is it called again ??? LOL's the psycho-gang , I'm so glad we met each other ...a sound of applause to EDDY !!! You guys made me who I was today, Me myself and I'm very proud of that ...Thank you so much for spending this awesome 2 years from 18 -20 years old of mine with me, I really appreciate it alot and muchy muchy !!! I don't know what other word to descrice you all, but all i know is - I'm so grateful I met you guys, because you guys are a very important phase in my life ( I know i'm not leaving the earth) but i'm justt afraid things might change and it will never be the same again ??

Last but not least, My college mates ...Thank you so much !!! You guys are the best-uni mate I ever had ...I LOVE KDU/MURDOCH !!!

And if I happened to miss out any of you guys, You know I love you very much !!!

Here are some crazy moments I'll always keep a space in my heart ......

We might say Good Bye, But my heart will never do....See you guys soon !!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I want a change !!

I have been pretty low-self esteem lately, constantly complaining about my height, my looks and every other thing I can thought of. Frankly speaking, it's makes me feel exhausted and hopeless/lifeless however I can't stop having all this's like a videotape repeating

My height have been a really constant and recent issue I have been stuck with, not sure why though but I can't stop helping myself not to think about it and start telling myself I look just fine standing just 169cm. I'm really devastated by this makes me wanna abuse myself ( I have thought of being really fat and ugly because I hated myself or ratherjust confine myself at home so I wouldn't have to face the world ) I just felt really different from who I was or used to be !!

I want a change, I need a change ...I want to be who I used to be. The fabulous gorgeuous charming smiley Nick Seow !!! I am not going to let this "shortness issue" conquer my youthful journey ....Screw it !! I'm gonna CHANGE

Just wait and SEE !!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Japanese Restaurant" without Salmon ???

So again we hung out, we couldn't resist the wonders of what the world is made of, hence we didn't just sit at home !!

Miss Lynnie suggested we should go sushi for the day, and we all thought why not ??? We love SALMONSSSS and so we headed to The Curve and had our " Japanese Cuisine" in a Japanese Restaurant of course ( I am not going to be mean, not mentioning the restaurant's name but try guessing by looking at the pictures posted ok ?? ). Okays, we were not really happy about the whole Japanese cuisine thing, well it's not Miss Lynnie's fault obviously.... *getting ready to list down a few infamous comments about that particular restaurant*

Begins !!

1. OMG, the restaurant was literally like my club's sauna room or any of your gym's sauna, just imagine ??? Isn't most japanese restaurant suppose to be in cool and dry continioned, I mean hello we are eating raw fish for goodness sake, and it's pretty basic to keep the place cool and not "sauna-ish" because by then I wouldn't be swallowing/chewing a raw Sashimi or Salmon ??

2. "What is a Japanese Restaurant without Salmon ??" (Quoted by Miss Lynnie and Ian). Oh yeahh, I got it perhaps a vegetarian Japanese Restaurant, but I'm very sure the one we had visited wasn't all vegetarian !!!

3. The most vital/important/essential asset of a Restaurant, what is it ??? Customer Service of course.... but we were treated as if we were somekind of students in a classroom which we are prohibited to talk or ask any question !!! That's was a big no, no ... All we did was pretty usual being a customer, we need help and so we requested but what we get ?? The infamous " Talk to the hand " respond a Second thought maybe I get Why they are called waitors for a reasons ....Because the only thing that could possibly respond spontaneuosly was the hand signal and it really looks like "WAIT", ok WAITORS ??

We weren't joking, No SALMONS !

Anyways we had a great time, so screw that, we swear we'll never ever wanna visit that restaurant again.... even if they called and tell us they finally caught some fresh Salmons from wherever !!! LOL

While waiting for our movie to commence, we happened to pass by this really interesting shop, it was pink in colour and it's called "Mindori" located somewhere in Cineleisure. Coincidentally, we thought we should have some dessert to get ourselves cooled after being sauna-ed and fortunately we came by on a right day, as it was the day of "Tong" where people celebrates by eating this really tiny white glutionous balls and on top of that we were offered a 20 percent discount for that particular celebration.

Pictures ....

Cis!!! It's the "WAIT-TOR" the left, to the left (don't wanna have any eye contact )
"Zenzai "I think that is what it's called.

The Glutinous ball I was talking about

Promoting model 1

Promoting model 2

Promoting model 3

Please do kindly vote for the best appropriate model that you suggest he/she should be the winner !! LOL

Random Shot.

This pic is so hillarious, I actually made a script and here it goes...

Colleen: Hey, kiss me ..I say you better kiss me .... kiss me fast, why are u not looking at me ???

Jackson: Aiks, don't want lar ...I'm shy, we will do it at home ok ?? ( Don't force me or I will punch you, now eat your tong yuen) * Fake smileS*

Eventually Colleen Stares at Jackson just like the picture...( Do I Smell??)

Finally, these were the last 2 shots before we headed for movie " The beverly Hills Chihuahua" and tell you what was GOOD !!

"Chik chak !!"



Friday, December 19, 2008

The Thursday Outing

I need to laugh a lil' before I start blogging, because it's all about laughter. When I think of the outing yesterday, all I wanna do is laugh and laugh and laugh. It was so much fun and it was a really amusing night, thanks to "HISTERIA", Miss Lynnie, "Bancuh MILO" and of course our overall psycho gang of friends !!! Woohoo

Yeaps, it all started on a little boring Thursday afternoon, I got up approximately about 12 noon. Well, nothing special it's my usual time of "Breakfast" or "Morning" during the holidays. Darn, my holidays was mundane !!!! So, as usual my regular routine, woke up and straight down to the television ( Come on ...get a life !!!)

Thank God !!!! Miss Lynnie sms-ed me telling me her life was suckish and she need an outing soon, and I thought " Oooooo, I'm not alone ....someone is even worst !!!" LOL , I know I am being wicked but that's no the point . So, the juices of excitement and interesting-ness hit me on my head and I started getting all the " Uum" to start planning for an outing. As a result, I proudly planned an outing with the Venue: One Utama, Time: 7.30p,m and Crowd: Miss Lynnie, Dior, Ian and Kak Jackson to get the whole party started. ( Hey, it might looks like a very simple plan but it's not easy to decide and plan at least in our gang of group and I did it !!!).

Okays, Dinner went on pretty well, except for some not-so-fresh beef ,wasn't expecting that, so it was quite a dissapointment. Anyways, that doesn't matter. "What do we do after dinners ???", "Movies of course" said little Miss Lynnie and then we asked what movie ??? I am very sure she was quite interested in the all time favourite local Malay horror movie " HISTERIA"( She was being Patriotic for once), well ok I exageratted a lil' not really ALL TIME ??? Since Lynnie overheards some critics regarding the movie while she was doing her private bussiness in the ladies ...yeahh so not ALL TIME I guess Maybe SUMTIMES ??

*LOL, Miss Lynnie don't take this seriously ok ??? I know we all agreed on watching this SUMTIMES-favourite local horror movie offence ??? It's a group agreement thing .....we made a really tough decisison on this, well we couldn't expect much at 9.25p.m, most movies have already started and the only choices was "Histeria" Why ??? because it started at 9.15 p.m and with alot of seats still available ....Which I am surprised !!!

I'm just gonna cut it short on this outting, too much to write !!! Yeah, after the local Malay horror movie, we just can't get our mind off with those bombastic Bahasa they have used in the movie. As a result we converse in Bahasa through out the journey after the movie, and Miss Lynnie hit us with a surprised when she call herself a " I'm very poor in my B.M ok" when she answered my random question of " Apa Kamu nak buat sekarang?? " as we were deciding what to do after the movie( the night was still young ) and she spontaneuosly replied " Jom Kita Mem-bancuh Milo Di rumah Edmund !!" .....OMG, it was the biggest hit of my life, I didn't even get that Membancuh MILO and kasi "STIR" sikit in my mind ???( I'm Lauhing very hard now!! FYI) However, Miss Lynnies got it just as perfect as it should be ??? Poor in B.M huh ??? It was really amusing, I couldn't explain how much we laughed in the car together with Kak Jackson ??? The car was literally moving even when it is still on the "PARKED" mode ....

I know I talked alot, so yeah story proceeds when we met up with Jack and Shirley at Sri Murni for and drink, and then we seriously made it to Edmund's House as suggested by Miss Lynnie minus the Membancuh Milo, Well only because Edmund didn't Have Milo in his house !!! Like Hello ???

LOL, and then WE watched Sailormoon end of story !!! You don't wanna know more LOL and we stayed over.

And Here are some of the "Moments" we had ....kinda memorable I guess??

The "Santarina" Shouting and screaming " Hooo hooo hooo I come, Here I Come " but It frightened the hell out of Jack ( Running away while he is being confused of which direction to escape).

Get that cap out of my head, I need to rock a lil' !!!!
The "infamous " imported HK legs, I was obliged to take a pic with it though it SMELLS SO #$@$#@$ !!!
Last but not least, the actual Photoshoot

Signing Off

Mr. Nick


Hey, this is officially my new blogspot, since I have received several complaints from my friends regarding the lagging services of XANGA. Well, I myself have gone through that or rather experienced it , consequently I have decided to create a new blog TODAY (at last).

Herm, my previous blog's URL was, hence feel free to log in if you guys wanna know more about what I have been through over the last few months since June 2008.

Okays, I'm not gonna tell you why and how I started blogging, because it is all stated in my very first post of the xanga blog ( Go refer??). Well, at least a little introduction of why I have named this blog, it's because everything on this blog will based and start from the letter N, well literally since I'm named Nicky or Nicholas by my mom but I prefer being called Nick and that makes me the author of this blog?? yeahh I'm Nick and this is my Blog which is just me, I and Mine the story of the letter N ...woohoo :)
It's Nicky ....Bitch!!!